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It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Mermay! Follow the hashtag on social media and you will see some amazing mermaid-themed art from indie artists around the world. While mermaids are cool enough in their own right, Mermay bring out the creativity in mer-mashups of the sea sirens with a variety of pop culture characters. It’s a match mer-made in heaven.


Based off the classic photo of Glenn Strange and Ann Blyth joking around on the Universal Studios backlot in 1948, this artwork is a sweet homage to the forbidden romance that never was. 

Star Wars Rouge One Makeup Bag by Andies Room

Ah, the pain of misspelling–you can’t escape it on social media. We’ve all been there, but with the release of Rogue One such blatant disregard for error was never more obvious than the hashtag Rouge One. If the movie was in fact a makeup tutorial, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but alas: these rebels have no time for makeup. This fun bag from Andie’s Room takes the play on words and uses it to its full advantage by blushing up some troopers for a proper makeup bag.

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